Commercial Real Estate Logos

Your commercial real estate logo is the design centerpiece that represents your company. Logos can represent what a company stands for and reflect the visual elements, undoubtedly influencing a potential clients’ first impression of a business. A great logo will not only establish your brand identity and cement a professional look, but it is the first step in creating a connection between you and your audience.

Getting inside Commercial Real Estate Logos

Though the task of logo creation may seem tricky at first, with some creative thought and a little time, you can create a logo which effortlessly communicates all of the key qualities and traits of your commercial real estate business. Here are a few questions to guide you as you start the brainstorming process.

Your Message?

The Apple logo has come to represent simplicity and innovation. The Nike swoosh brings to mind drive and determination. Understanding the emotions and values you want to communicate through your logo is a key step in the concept design process.

Your Ideal Client?

When beginning to brainstorm possible logo concepts, it’s important that you keep your target demographic in mind. Research your industry and competitors, as well as survey potential clients, to find out what logo designs have worked in the past, and which have fallen flat. Are there certain colors, fonts, shapes, or concepts that work well with your chosen demographic? For example, if you sell rugged outdoor hiking gear targeted towards middle-aged men, you would likely avoid soft pastels and cursive fonts and choose a bolder typeface in nature colors. You’ll want to know which types of images, colors, and styles match the tastes of your potential customers, so that your logo has a chance of catching the attention of the right crowd.

How Will You Use Your Commercial Real Estate Logo?

A strong logo is one that can be used in various places, from coffee cups to billboards, yet still communicates the same brand message. Think about the types of situations in which you will likely need to use your logo. Begin to brainstorm ideas that can be used in different applications. Also, keep in mind, with the constant development of new technology and platforms, you’ll want a design concept that can stand the test of time. Of course you can always slightly tweak your logo depending on the placement, but since it is a visual representation of your entire brand, it should stay pretty consistent. When entering the logo design process, take some time to simply draw inspiration from the big brands who have dominated their industries with popular logos. You’ll quickly find that keeping your design simple, yet consistent with your brand’s message is the winning formula for a successful logo.