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Enterprise Software Systems Unveils Centralized Data Solution Software at RECON 2008

Date Posted: 3/17/2008

CRE Sync connects Commercial Real Estate Prospects, Property Owners, Managers, and Brokers

LAS VEGAS (May 12, 2008) – Following nearly five years of research, development and testing, Enterprise Software Systems (ESS) is unveiling its newest product — CRE Sync 2008 — at the Spring 2008 RECON Convention (Booth No. S6041). The back-end software and web site application product is a multifunctional tool designed to allow efficient and transparent communication among those who manage, own and broker commercial real estate properties.

“CRE Sync 2008 is the latest and most effective way for prospects, property owners, property managers and brokers to communicate and manage information,” said David Boemecke, ESS Owner and CEO. “Whether you are starting a new property management company or have been in business for years, CRE Sync is designed to be a collaborative tool that ensures accountability, efficiency and productivity in all areas of commercial real estate management.”

CRE Sync was designed specifically for commercial real estate property owners, property managers and brokers, but the application also allows real-time information exchange among these parties. All activities and communications surrounding property management are tracked, managed and documented, providing a seamless information trail.

As a customer relationship and contact management tool, CRE Sync can facilitate and track the interaction with vendors, contractors, tenants, prospects and clients. CRE Sync is also completely customizable to fit and address the particular needs of any commercial real estate business and syncs seamlessly into a company’s web site.

ESS is offering free CRE Sync product demonstrations during the 2008 RECON Convention (May 18-21 in Las Vegas). ESS is located at Booth No. S6041.

"Effeciencies of Commercial Real Estate Software"

Colorado Real Estate Journal, pub. Sept. 3
Date Posted: 8/27/2012
By David Boemecke

Building effective management systems can be a complicated and daunting exercise for commercial real estate owners, brokers and managers. Without a good system in place your business can slowly deteriorate and eventually become ineffective. Particular qualities to look for in a comprehensive system include communications, property management, accounting, leasing administration, maintenance, prospecting, document management, and client login portals. Each of these should allow information to flow freely between all necessary parties. Some new technologies in the marketplace can save time and money in the following areas:

Communications and organization are fundamental components of a good management system. Communications starts in your office and should propagate to clients (owners, tenants, and prospects). Designed correctly, communication systems should allow you to publish everything you do for others in your organization to see. Additionally, instant access to task management and history records will allow you to delegate more effectively.

Inventory management is vital for property management/brokerage companies. Companies should be able to publish information though any medium. Keeping inventory in an online system will easily allow you to publish the information to your website, print brochures, or pull information while a client is on the phone. Your system should capture all property details including square footage, rental amounts, photos, site plans, demographics, and aerial photographs, etc. for easy publication to your website.

Leasing Administration is your ability to track tenants. You should always be aware of leases that are about to expire, leases that have been signed, and lease status by property. Having a dashboard that informs you of all your leasing obligations is essential. How else can you effectively respond to tenant or prospects needs? If all your leasing obligations are at your fingertips you will always know where to place prospective prospects and where you stand on leases.

Maintenance Administration can also be a critical aspect of property management. A good work order management system will hold vendors accountable. How many times do you get calls regarding maintenance issues that were supposedly fixed last month? Performing preventive maintenance, and easily creating work lists also saves money. The ability to click a button to schedule preventive maintenance, and allow employees to review work lists online, is invaluable.

Prospecting is the heart of your business, and without it you can’t survive. Keeping tabs on properties you’ve shown, and quickly producing lists of properties a potential client is interested in is crucial. Good prospecting systems can double the amount of leases signed per year.

Accounting modules built into your system, or one that can exchange documents or reports, is also important. Certain systems today allow owners to login to an application to view current and past reports, P/L statements, and rent-roll.

Client login portals are the newest way for owners to see what’s happening with their property or tenants to create and view work order history. Are you fielding questions from owners about space interest, lease status, or P/L statements? A good reporting system allows owners/tenants to have their questions answered through your website.

Effective management systems are becoming more and more critical in the commercial real estate industry. Choosing a comprehensive system with the right components will ensure that companies provide the most effective, efficient service in a seamless manner to its clients.

David Boemecke is owner and CEO of ESS, a Denver-based software development company focused on delivering solutions geared to unique business needs. David can be reached at 303-225-8377 or


Date Posted: 11/9/2011

ESS’ CRE Sync product to drastically increase efficiency, ensure accuracy and facilitate cost-effective growth

Denver, CO – January 12, 2012 – Giant Oil, a leader in its industry, currently owns over 130 convenience store properties throughout the states of Florida and Ohio. Giant’s highly successful business model includes leasing the properties to commission marketers and, in most cases, also supplying fuel to the operators. The company’s desire to cost-effectively grow its property management operations in 2009 and beyond led Giant to seek out a CRM solution tailored to property management and commercial real estate applications. Enterprise Software System’s CRE Sync product was the shining answer that Giant Oil was looking for.

Barbara Whittaker, Property Management Executive for Giant Oil, stated, “The CRE Sync software that ESS has developed has completely revolutionized the way we handle Property Management here at Giant Oil. When you’re dealing with tenant turnover and significant growth, ESS’ software ensures that everything is in order, documented, and nothing goes unnoticed. Rental increases, expiration dates, month-to-month tenants….with the CRE Sync software in place, these important issues never get overlooked, which maximizes our revenue and profit. Also key is that fact that the ESS staff has been amazingly responsive in providing the customization that’s vital to our operations.”

ESS CEO David Boemecke stated, “Since the introduction of CRE Sync early last year, our client base has grown rapidly. Giant Oil is a great example of a perfect application for our software—i.e. a high growth company seeking to reduce cost and increase efficiency with respect to property management operations. What makes CRE Sync the perfect solution is that it was developed with this sort of application in mind, so we’re not trying to fit square pegs in round holes which is what you so often find with purely generic CRM solutions.”

For more information on Giant Oil, please visit the company’s website at


Date Posted: 1/16/2012

ESS’ CRE Sync product continues to win North American market share through promise of efficiency

Denver, CO – January 19, 2011 – After several months of research and evaluation, Whittier California-based STC Management has decided to deploy Enterprise Software Systems’ CRE Sync property management solution. With near 100% occupancy in the more than 50 properties that STC manages for its clients, STC is at the top of its game. However, with an eye on a bad economy and potential tenant churn, STC is planning for the future.

According to STC Management President John Hsu, “We have an excellent track record with respect to occupancy and client satisfaction, and we want to maintain it. That’s what’s driven us to invest in deploying CRE Sync. With potential turnover on the horizon, ESS’ CRE Sync product is going to allow us to increase operational efficiency, more aggressively market properties and keep tenancy up.”

Hsu also stated, “As for why we selected CRE Sync… very simple. We considered in-house, from scratch development of our own system. However, after crossing off that option due to the associated cost and lead time, we received persuasive and overwhelming recommendations from peer companies and industry associations as to the effectiveness of the ESS product. We also performed our own evaluation process, and ESS’ CRE Sync emerged as the clear winner.”

ESS CEO David Boemecke stated, “We’re pleased to welcome STC Management to our client ranks, and expect great things to come from the relationship and their deployment of CRE Sync. With every new client, our ability to further develop and strengthen CRE Sync expands—so this latest deployment is good not only for STC but for all of our clients.”

About STC Management:

STC Management is incorporated under Sung Tien Corporation established in May 1985. All of our dedicated professionals share a common goal to work hard for our clients and associates. We believe in enriching ourselves with continuing education and experience and to engage in ethical conduct at all times. Together, we have achieved many goals and successes across our long-term, satisfied vendors, tenants and clients. For more information on STC Management, please visit the company’s website at

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