• RETAIL BROKERS - Deal tracking, Landlord/Tenant Portal, inventory management integrated with website
  • PROPERY MANAGERS & BROKERS - Inventory management integrated with website, Complete work order management, Online Landlord/Tenant portals
  • STANDARDIZED data capture and retrieval, Critical date tracking with auto-notification, Auto-generated marketing, Inventory management integrated with website
  • WEBSITE INTEGRATED - Accelerated and centralized communication = more revenue, Online portal integrated with your website, Certified standardization process


   Best Commercial Real Estate Database Software for Brokers and Administration

Easy to use, personal training included and powered by GoToMeeting.com

For companies of all sizes & property types that need a cloud based system to help centralize and automate their data,
ESS supports a broad range of Marketing Software for Commercial Real Estate:
      ESS for Commercial Real Estate   Prospecting Software for Commercial Real Estate
      ESS for Commercial Real Estate   Commercial Real Estate Websites, Commercial Real Estate Inventory Tracking, Lease Tracking,
      ESS for Commercial Real Estate   Contact Management: Tenants, Owners, Vendors, etc.
      ESS for Commercial Real Estate   Email Marketing for Commercial Real Estate,
      ESS for Commercial Real Estate   Commercial Real Estate Property Listings, read on for more information...


Centralizes your data: property listings, availability, landlords, tenants, investors, etc.

Cloud software for commercial real estate, get to your data from any computer or mobile device
Categorize contacts: buyers, sellers, buyer retail, buyer industrial, seller office, etc.
Create and combine lists, send targeted email blast to prospective clients, make phone calls, set property appointments, etc.
Use our integrated blast email service, ESS manages relationships with ISPs to keep you off black lists
Commercial Real Estate Email Marketing - ESS blast email services allows you to track: opens, clicks, bounces, etc. allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your commercial real estate marketing campaign, no more uploading contacts from separate systems
Utilize branded predefined property templates that showcase your properties best attributes
Send appointments and contacts to your local calendar and email system
Send your commercial real estate listings to any 3rd party listing service
Use critical date reminders to produce reports for landlords and investors
Eliminate redundant Excel spreadsheets, let ESS organize your data based on actions you perform

ESS #1 Email Marketing Software for Commercial Real Estate
   Saves Companies Time and Money

Customizable Application - build your system how you do business
Modular Application - Buy only what you need, grow into the system as you expand your business
Get rid of the Spreadsheets, create your own lists, easily move hundreds of contacts between lists in seconds
Commercial Real Estate software designed specifically for what you do:
      ESS for Commercial Real Estate   Commercial Real Estate software for Retail Brokers & Administration
      ESS for Commercial Real Estate   Commercial Real Estate Software for Investement Sales
      ESS for Commercial Real Estate   Auto generated reporting tools, send reports directly to landlords and investors
Blast Emails w/custom email templates for properties and tenant rep.
      ESS for Commercial Real Estate   Quickly & Easily send branded property templates to target audiences
Commercial Real Estate Property Listings:
      ESS for Commercial Real Estate   Send to your website, LoopNet, and CoStar
Commercial Real Estate Mapping Software for property and tenant locations
Commercial Real Estate Sales Tracking
      ESS for Commercial Real Estate   Sales Stages, Referral Codes, Pie-Chart Reporting, etc.
Commercial Real Estate Contact Management
Commercial Real Estate Lease Tracking for managed and unmanaged listings
      ESS for Commercial Real Estate   Simple, easy and customizable for Retail Brokers and Property Managers
Commercial Real Esate Work Orders and Vendor Management
Commercial Real Estate Portals
Commercial Real Estate Deal Rooms
Commercial Real Estate War Room
Commercial Real Estate Tenant Portal
Commercial Real Estate Landlord Portal
Commercial Real Estate Owner Portal
Mobile CRM - Respond to clients & prospects from any location at anytime
Social CRM - Market-leading integration of the most commonly used social media applications

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